General tips for your vaults

While it is possible to have a single vault with all your data, it is not very efficient for larger sets of data and not recommended.

It's best to make multiple vaults and split up your data:

  • better performance: syncing takes less time per vault.
  • better user experience: more efficient vaults lead to a better user experience.
  • more flexible regarding data selection: you can be selective which vault(s) you want to import on your device, so that you don't need to sync data that you don't need on that specific device.

You can split up your data per data type:

  • dynamic data: data that changes a lot. For example; your most recent project that you are working on, files that are constantly updated, ...
  • static data: data that doesn't change anymore. For example; old invoices, pictures, finished projects, archives, ...


If you for example have a project that is finished, you can move it from your dynamic vault to your static vault. You can create multiple vaults and archive your static data per year, example static vaults would be "invoices2010-2011", "projects2011-2012", "oldprojects2014-2016", ...

Doing this will keep your active vault smaller and thus more efficient.


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