Installing Nomadesk on MacOS High Sierra

Due to a security change in MacOS since High Sierra, a few manual steps are needed to install Nomadesk on a new MacOS High Sierra installation. These steps won't be needed if you already had Nomadesk installed and upgraded your MacOS.

  • run the Nomadesk installer, you will see the following:


  • click OK
  • go to System Preferences -> go to Security & Privacy
  • click Allow (otherwise Nomadesk will be stuck in an "install loop")


  • after doing this, you will be able to login and select the vaults you want to import

  • when importing the vaults, you will get another warning:


  • go to System Preferences -> go to Security & Privacy
  • click Allow for "Benjamin Feisher", which is the developer of the FUSE drivers which are used to mount the vaults
  • IMPORTANT: after this it is required to reboot your Mac, otherwise Nomadesk will not be able to import the vaults


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