Unable to upgrade the Controller database on MSSQL server.

When trying to upgrade to the latest version of the nmd | HyperDrive appliance you might run into the failure notification that says :  "Unable to upgrade the Controller database".

If that is the case verify the following in the Controller database that runs on your MSSQL server.

In your hyperdrive database expand the Account table fields.

> Field "MaxVaults" should be: nvarchar(256), null

If the field is effectively set as nvarchar this article doesn't apply and you'll need to contact our support department at: nmd-support@unifiedpost.com, send the setup logs as attachment along for further verification.

If instead the field "MaxVaults" is set as "ntext" you'll need to alter the field to be able to proceed.

To resolve do the following:

1) Alter the MaxVaults column on MSSQL

Run the query

You might get an error message about a constraint.
If that is the case you can go ahead and delete the constraint and run the above query again.

When successful run the following query as verification:
UPDATE Account SET MaxVaults = -1 WHERE MaxVaults is null OR MaxVaults = '0'

The query should complete successfully.

2) Change value in Setting table

Verify the "DatabaseVersion" value in the Setting Table.
You can change this to
Note: If you have any other value please let us know so we can verify the specific step the upgrade failed

3) Modify fstab in the VM console

# nano /etc/fstab

You will see a line with the /va mountpoint, you can comment this out by putting a # in front of the line

Save the file and reboot the appliance: # reboot

Once rebooted you should be able to proceed with the upgrade in your browser : https://your_appliance_ip/va






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