Having a Vault online only

If you don't need a local copy of your Vault (due to space limitations, files that you don't need to access a lot,..) you can follow some steps to create a Vault and only have it online at myNomadesk.com, without a local copy of the Vault.



Nomadesk also allows you to connect to your Vaults via WebDAV.

That way you don't need a local image file to access your data. For more information on how to set up a WebDAV connection to your Vaults, please have a look at the specific WebDAV articles in our knowledge base.



  • create a new Vault (remember that you can create as many Vaults as you need for free)
  • put the data in the Vault that you want to store online
  • when the Dashboard shows "in sync", all the data in the local Vault is also on myNomadesk.com
  • next, remove the local copy of the Vault: 
  1. open your Nomadesk Dashboard
  2. click on the icon next to your Vault
  3. select remove
  • this will remove only the local copy, not the Vault on myNomadesk.com
  • if you need access to the Vault later on, you can re-add it to your Dashboard or access the data directly via the webinterface at myNomadesk.com 


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