Moving the local Nomadesk data file




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    William B Vogt

    How about if the local data file is moved?  I mean moved from outside Nomadesk, when Nomadesk is not running.  For example, suppose that the drive letter of the drive the local data file is saved on changes?  Is there a way to "tell" Nomadesk about the new location?  Failing that, is there a way to "ask" Nomadesk where it expects the file to be?

    Specifically, I mean a way to deal with this which does NOT require the whole vault to be re-downloaded from the server.

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    Hi William,

    If the image file is moved outside of Nomadesk (eg driveletter changes), Nomadesk can't detect where the file is and thus the mounting will fail. In such a case, our support team can manually change the location where Nomadesk needs to "look" for the image file. 

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