Using Single Sign-On (SAML integration)

By default, all users are authenticated and logged in using Nomadesk's user authentication.

However, if you already have a preferred authentication system (such as Active Directory) that uses the SAML standard, you can force your managed users (users for whom you are paying the license) to use your own "Identity Provider" (IdP).


  • SSO: you can use Single Sign-On, to have 1 single, automated login across your computers.
  • Custom password policies: Authentication will happen to your Identity Provider, which means you can configure your own password policies (password expiration, password rules, ..) 
  • Security: Nomadesk will never see any of your passwords, hashes, .. This is all managed by your own, trusted IdP



  • WebDAV can not be used by users that have SAML enabled. This is a technical limitation.
  • SAML needs configuration by your systems administrator:
  • You need to have (or set up) an Identity Provider.
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