Message: One of your Vaults has been deleted

A Nomadesk notifier message is shown at the bottom of your screen which will alert you that the Vault has been removed. You do no longer have access to the vault and the Vault is not shown in Windows Explorer/MacOS Finder. The Vault has also disappeared from your Nomadesk Dashboard.

Possible causes:

  1. The Group Manager removed you from the guests list
  2. TheftGuard was activated. The computer was reported as stolen. If somebody (it could be you because you retrieved your computer) would be able to logon to Nomadesk on your computer, the data will be destroyed locally. You can simply install Nomadesk on another computer, continue working and be assured that no unauthorized persons will be able to access your data.

Note: A Vault can only be permanently deleted via the and only by the Vault Admin. If a Vault was mistakenly permanently deleted via myNomadesk, contact our support team as soon as possible.

The Group Manager of the Vault revoked your access from the Vault: If this is a mistake, contact the Group Manager and ask him to reinvite you. The data on the fileserver will be synchronized again to your computer.

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