Configuring single sign-on

The nmd | HyperDrive client for Windows supports single sign-on. When enabled, single sign-on allows the user to log on automatically with their Microsoft Windows credentials, without the need to enter their credentials multiple times. This also applies to the online nmd | HyperDrive client (Microsoft Internet Explorer only).

Single sign-on only works on machines that are member of the same domain as the nmd | HyperDrive Virtual Appliance.


1. Start Microsoft Internet Explorer.
2. In the menu bar, click Tools > Internet Options. The Internet Options window opens.
3. Click the Security tab.
4. Click Local intranet > Sites > Advanced.

5. Enter the URL of the nmd | HyperDrive Virtual Appliance and click Add.

(eg: https://*

6. Confirm the changes and close all active windows.

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