Configuring vault quota

nmd | HyperDrive allows server administrators to set up vault quota.

In the current version, there is no UI for this yet, but if necessary, you can configure it from the command line interface.

For new vaults:

You can change the default quota levels for new vaults. (affects vaults created after modifying the configuration) by changing the following fields:

BRANDING_QUOTA (In Mb, 0 = unlimited)
BRANDING_QUOTAWARNINGLEVEL (warning emails are sent when this level is reached. In Mb, 0 = unlimited). 

in the file /etc/nomadesk-ctrller/branding/nmd_hyperdrive.ini

After changing the configuration file, execute the following command on the appliance:

service httpd restart

Note: manual configuration changes like these, will be reverted when you perform a configuration change or rip&replace.


For existing vaults:

You can set, or change quota levels for already existing vaults by executing the following command on the appliance:

/usr/local/nomadesk-ctrller/bin/nmdsetquota -w nmsa000000000001 -q 10 -l 5

This means that a quota of 10MB will be configured for the vault nmsa000000000001.
A warning email will be send to the vault owner when there is less than 5MB available in the vault.

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