Edit and save Office files stored on Nomadesk (Android)

There are several ways to edit and save Office files via your Android device that are stored on Nomadesk. The steps below feature a free app called WPS Office (available in the Play Store).

  • open the WPS Office app

  • First we need to add Nomadesk to our locations: go to Open and under Location select  Add

  • Nomadesk is not in the default Cloud Storage locations, so we will add our Vault as a WebDAV connection

  • fill out the WebDAV url and give it a title.


  • the Vault is now visible under your locations and by selecting it you can navigate on your Vault now.

  • navigate to a file that you want to edit and open it. Edit the file and when you are done go to File -> Save As. If you save the file via Save or the diskicon, the file will be saved locally and not in your cloud storage.
  • select Cloud Storage and navigate to your Vault and folder where you want to save the file.


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