Edit and save Office files stored on Nomadesk (iOS)

  • open the Nomadesk app and navigate to the file that you want to edit. In this example we are going to work with a Word file.


  • select the file, tap the share icon and select Copy to Word (in this example)

  • this will open the file in read only mode in Word, tap duplicate to save a copy that you can edit

  • name your file (this can be the same name as the original name)
  • tap More

  • tap Locations


  • select Nomadesk

  • navigate to the Vault and folder that you want to save to file

  • tap save (confirm to overwrite the file if you used the same name) and tap ready
  • you can now edit and save the file onto your Nomadesk Vault
  • if you now go back to Nomadesk, you will still see the previous version of the file. Select the Vault again so that it gets refreshed. The file is now updated too.



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