Cryptolocker virus

In case of a cryptolocker virus on your PC, your connected Vaults can also be infected. If only some files or folders are infected, you can restore those via the revisions or online trashcan.

If the whole Vault would be encrypted by the virus already, you can do a revision restore for the whole vault to a previous point in time.

Before restoring any data, make sure that the infected PC isn't syncing anymore and that the virus is removed.

  • log in at and select the Vault that you want to restore
  • make a new restore folder on the Vault (you can choose any name). The whole Vault will be restored in that folder


  • go to revisions, right click on the Vault name under Filename and select restore


  • select a date and time for the restore


  • select the folder that you created for the restore and click restore


  • in the bottom of the screen you'll see the status of the restore. Do keep in mind that if it is a large Vault the restore will take some time. Once it is done you'll see a green checkmark that everything is OK


  • next you can move the restored data back to the original location and deleted any encrypted files still present on your Vault.


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