Nomadesk release 7.0.0

Nomadesk 7.0.0 features:

  • Encryption@REST (Beta!): Adding an extra layer of security, not only on your device, on the wire, but also at our secured infrastructure your files will be encrypted. No one else but you will be able to read your files. Contact us if you wish to enable encryption@rest for your vaults, in Beta release.
  • Sync Status Overlay Icons for Mac OSX: Small icons will indicate the synchronization status for every file and folder.  When opening a directory with Nomadesk files, you will immediately see if certain files are still synchronizing or require user action. Sync Status Overlay Icons for Windows were released with Nomadesk 6.0.10.
  • An improved Web Uploader
    • You can now drag and drop files & folders directly from your desktop to the Web interface … as simple as that. The dialog while transmitting files from your desktop to the web interface has also been improved.

  • Office365 integration with the mobile apps for iOS. Preview, edit and save back Microsoft Office docs from your iOS mobile device on Nomadesk.
  • Re-styling of the mobile apps
  • The usual housekeeping, a more stable product with better performance. It was good, it even gets better.
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