Nomadesk release 6.0.8

This release features:

  • Improved password policies: Group managers can choose security levels and enforce more strict password policies to their managed users community.
  • Online file viewers, phase II: Supporting more filetypes. As an option, private cloud partners may enable Thinkfree integration.
  • View-only FileLinks: Block file downloads to restrict access and improve tracking. Only works for files that can be viewed online, e.g. does not work on executable files (.exe).
  • Improved FileLink tracking: Better tracking, no more ‘anonymous’ FileLinks. Also, improved Link Management view in the web interface.
  • SolFSv5: A major update/rewrite of the encrypted filesystem for Windows and Mac OSX, will now become the default filesystem.
  • Encryption @ REST Beta 2: Extended beta from version 6.0.6 due to performance and stability issues. If you wish to participate in our beta program, email

We made improvements to:

  • Web UI/UX: better filtering and sorting on the web interface (i.e., files, file activity, link management, etc.).
  • The user interface for the Mac Desktop: we redesigned the Mac Dashboard; a cleaner, fresher look "in tune" with our web and Windows desktop client interfaces.
  • Data retention policies and automated cleanup: Better automated cleanup procedures for Vault suspension, removal, license expiry, etc.
  • MySQL Support: Private clouds can now be set up with the MySQL database backend.

We removed the "Mobi" web UI, this is the legacy web interface for mobile devices. It was rarely used, especially since their are Nomadesk mobile apps for all major platforms.

Last but not least, our usual housekeeping, resulting again in better stability and performance.

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