Nomadesk release 6.0.6

Nomadesk 6.0.6 has UI/UX improvements such as:

  • A redesign of the Windows Client GUI; the Nomadesk dashboard now eats up less “real-estate“, with an overall fresher look aligned with the Web UI. The Mac OSX client is due next.
  • improvements to the Web interface, more particularly to the FileLink and FolderLink features
  • HTML viewers for most common file types; better integrated in the Web UI
  • minor improvements to simply make it all better

This release introduces a revamped file restore function, where users can revert to any date in the past, based on revisions and trashed files. As such, revisions of complete folders can be restored in a “click“.

White label Public Cloud partners, wishing to run from their own storage infrastructure, can now take advantage of the Hybrid Cloud feature; while the user and license management remains with Nomadesk. 

The Odin APS 2.0 package is also part of this release, which is good news for our partners reselling the Nomadesk EFSS service using Odin Service Automation. The latest APS 2.0 package now supports service users, with improved licenses assignment directly from the Odin platform. Provisioning the Nomadesk EFSS service, using Odin Service Automation, has never before been easier.

Nomadesk 6.0.6 also introduces – in private beta still – a novel approach to encryption at REST. If you wish to participate in our private beta test program, just email

Nomadesk 6.0.6 supports Windows 10.

Last but not least, we performed the usual housekeeping to make sure that our software continues to behave nicely under all sorts of circumstances.

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