Nomadesk release 6.0.4

With this release we are introducing the “overhauled” myNomadesk web interface, with:

  • improve UI/UX and a complete rework of the site navigation to make matters more obvious to end users
  • new and more detailed “Devices” pages – a.k.a. “Theftguard“
  • new “Management” pages with more user/license management and reporting options

Also, from now on, all the Nomadesk interfaces support the Arabic language, including the right to left reading interface.

Our Android app has been updated. It is now possible to share photos, files, etc. from other Android apps and upload them directly to your Nomadesk Vault.

Last but not least, we performed the usual housekeeping to make sure that our software continues to behave nicely under all sorts of circumstances. Among many things, these maintenance tasks improve the way Nomadesk handles file versioning and encrypted storage on the end-point devices.

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