Nomadesk release 5.6.2

We have again continued to further polish our service and released the following new features:

  • New encryption driver for Mac, which solves the iWorks issue
  • Multi select support for bulk operations in the web interface
  • Client disk threshold settings, to prevent your local disk from running out of capacity
  • Theftguard 2.0 for iOS & Android, with improved location accuracy (via GPS) and remote cache wiping
  • Android 4.4. (KitKat) support
  • WebDAV support in the client dashboard for Terminal Server

Our Partner Portal has now a Parallels APS package with Gold Certification!

For OEM Private Cloud Partners, the following new features were added:

  • WebDAV implementation for Active Directory (Kerberos)
  • Vault Quota + Limit # of Vaults
  • Ability to manage Windows/Mac clients using Registry Settings (Active Directory Policies)
  • Drive Mappings through the registry (AD group policies)
  • Mobile Device Control (ability to set: idle timeouts, disable open with, disable local cache, disable vault removal, disable remember-me)
  • Full Active Directory Support for private clouds (System-Wide)
  • OS X STunnel <beta> (no more SSH communication)
  • Windows client now supports roaming profiles.
  • Background tasks (Automated server cleanup for easier management)
  • Nomadesk Admin UI (AMS_Management + Log viewer)
  • Client to Server communication cleanup (Pipe communication has been migrated to API calls)
  • MSSQL Support for the Ctrller database
  • Automated license reports
  • Support for SMTP Authentication
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