Release Notes - nmd | HyperDrive 7.0.2

This nmd | HyperDrive release features important changes and improvements:

  • A redesign of the desktop client on Windows and Mac; the Nomadesk dashboard now eats up less “real-estate“, with an overall fresher look, better aligned with the Web UI. We introduced Sync Status Overlay Icons, i.e. small icons that indicate the synchronization status for every file and folder.
  • Improvements to the Web interface: HTML viewers for most common file types with a better integration in the Web UI. We introduced view-only FileLinks that block file downloads to restrict access; we improved tracking, i.e no more “anonymous” FileLinks. We improved the Link Management view in the web interface. We introduced better filtering and sorting on the web interface (i.e., Files, File Activity, Link Management, etc.).
  • Improved Web Uploader: you can now drag and drop files & folders directly from your desktop to the Web interface. The dialog while transmitting files from your desktop to the web interface has also been improved.
  • Office365 integration with the mobile apps for iOS. Preview, edit and save back Microsoft Office docs from your iOS mobile device on Nomadesk.
  • Re-styling of the mobile apps.
  • The ability to expose existing windows shares as nmd | HyperDrive Vaults; thus creating a secure and controllable means to share files stored on “legacy” systems.
  • Data retention policies: better clean-up mechanismes for data belonging to obsolete accounts and vaults.
  • SAML support: allows for connecting to external Active Directories such as Microsoft Azure AD.
  • Appliance admin console: we introduced brand-new appliance admin pages to beter manage users and their data (replaces the former “administration dashboard“).

Last but not least, we performed the usual housekeeping to make sure that our software continues to behave nicely under all sorts of circumstances.

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