Nomadesk release 7.0.2

Nomadesk 7.0.2 features:

  • A new administrative console (for server administrators, this is specifically for our OEM Private Cloud partners)
  • Two factor authentication using Google authenticator

  • The possibility to sync existing directories on a Windows server. You can now setup Nomadesk in a Hybrid mode for your customers who wish to combine their traditional client/server infrastructure with the powerfull EFSS features from Nomadesk.
    • Users at the office work the “traditional” way, using the windows shares that they have access to.
    • Road warriors, or users working from home, work the “Nomadesk” way, since you can expose windows shares to the “Nomadesk Cloud”. Those users will synchronize via the Nomadesk Cloud back to the Windows server, making their changes available to their co-workers at the office.
  • We introduced a new generic license server to better manage the administration licenses, including on-premises deployments and nmd | HyperDrive installations.
  • Last but not least, the usual housekeeping resulted in more stability and better performance of our synchronisation engine and solution in general. There is always room for improvement.


With Nomadesk 7.0.2 we’re also releasing nmd | HyperDrive 7.0.2, our on premises single tenant Nomadesk flavor for customers that require full control over the backend.

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