Release Notes - nmd | HyperDrive 6.0.4

Release Notes – nmd | HyperDrive 6.0.4

This nmd | HyperDrive release 6.0.4 comes with embedded authentication and database services, and makes previous platform requirements for Microsoft Active Directory and SQL Server entirely optional. The “overhauled” installation wizard further simplifies the appliance installation.

We are introducing the ability to share and sync subfolders from your Vaults, and further bolster read/write settings while sharing and synchronizing.

Release 6.0.4 includes the new myNomadesk web interface:

  • user permissions view has been revamped since we introduced vault/subfolder permissions
  • improved UI/UX and a complete rework of the myNomadesk navigation to make matters more obvious to end users
  • new and more detailed "Devices" pages – a.k.a. "Theftguard"
  • brand-new and improved context menu
  • reworked file activity log interface
  • improved drag & drop functionality and repaired the file multi select feature
  • folder properties and details view has been polished
  • inviting people on Vaults and subfolders has now become very easy: no need for the invitee to accept the invitation
  • you can now easily retrieve the WebDAV URL to a Vault from the properties

From now on, the nmd | HyperDrive interfaces support the Arabic language, including the right to left reading interface.

On the desktop applications we have removed redundant menu buttons. Less is more.

The nmd | HyperDrive Android app has been updated. It is now possible to share photos, files, etc. from other Android apps and upload them directly to your Vault.

We performed the usual housekeeping to make sure that our software continues to behave nicely under all sorts of circumstances. Among many things, these maintenance tasks improve the way Nomadesk handles file versioning and encrypted storage on the end-point devices.

Finally, with this release we wish to announce that we no longer – officially – support:

  • Mac Snow Leopard
  • Mac Lion 32 bit
  • Windows XP

In case you have issues with our service on these platforms, we will still help you if we can. But we will no longer maintain our software to run on them.


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