Nomadesk release 6.0.10

New features in Nomadesk 6.0.10 include:

  • Microsoft Azure AD Authentication: Authentication to Nomadesk is now possible via your existing Active Directory credentials on the Azure platform. Please find the Microsoft instructions here.
  • Sync Status Overlay Icons (Microsoft Windows only, OSX will follow suit): Small icons will indicate the synchronization status for every file and folder. When opening a directory with Nomadesk files, you will immediately see if certain files are still synchronizing or require user action.
  • Web UI Theming: Personalize the myNomadesk web UI, File- and FolderLinks with your own corporate logo and color-scheme
  • Microsoft Office 365 Online Viewing/Editing: Edit Nomadesk-stored documents in the browser using the Office 365 Online; save changes back to Nomadesk
  • An updated beta of our encryption@REST engine; for testing purposes

In this release, we made improvements to:

  • the user experience and interface of the iOS and Android applications
    • "Move" and "Copy" functionality has been added
  • the web UI, email autocomplete is now available when sending FileLinks, FolderLinks or inviting people to Vaults
  • the synchronisation engine; increasing performance

With this release we wish to announce that we cannot longer support Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and older.

Last but not least, there is the usual housekeeping, resulting in better stability and performance.

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