Sandbox settings (Instructions how to connect to our pre-production environment)

Due to the new Static installers (required for Apple Code signing), we can no longer provide installers that target the partner or pre-production environment.

The installers you download from sandbox or pre-production will point to production by default.
To connect them to another (sandbox or pre-production) environment, you will need to alter some settings manually on your client test machines.

After these modifications, at the first client startup (clean install), the client will asks you which server to connect to. For the Nomadesk partner sandbox, enter ''

For Windows:

  • Create the following registry key for your brand (create structure if it does not exist):

(Replace $BRAND$ with your own brand, if you use Nomadesk, the value is: Nomadesk®)
String Value: leave this empty (the client will then request which server you want to connect to)

For macOS:

  • Execute the following command in

sqlite3 ~/.config/$BRAND$/roaming.db "UPDATE Setting SET Value = 'xfBOIshqtpMXgWSvMUclvCa2L9qRSPDaMmlSaMnHYaY=' WHERE Name = 'ServerHostname' "

(Replace $BRAND$ with your own brand, if you use Nomadesk, the value is: Nomadesk)


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